Friday, April 4, 2014

The Secret Agent Songbook

Ace Records, in London, is one of the better reissue labels in the English-speaking world. They have consistently done justice to the past through their meticulously annotated and intelligently curated compilations. Between their main label and their sublabels, they have touched on genres ranging from fifties R. & B. to sixties soul to seventies punk and funk. The label’s new compilation, “Come Spy With Us: The Secret Agent Songbook,” collects twenty-five songs under the broad umbrella of espionage music.

The world of spy themes doesn’t stop at Bond (or at Bond offshoots or Bond antidotes), and neither does Ace’s set. Lalo Schifrin’s immortal “Mission: Impossible” theme is here, along withnotable tunes and obscure one's like Susan Maughan belting out "Where The Bullets Fly" and a sought after B-side from Smokey Robinson & The Miracles titled "Come Spy With Me. MORE HERE

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