Saturday, April 5, 2014

Face The Music By Nils Lofgren

Singer-songwriter/ guitarist Nils Lofgren celebrates 45 years in music with Face the Music, a limited edition 10CD box set (to be released May 27, 2014).

Lofgren himself selected the 169 tracks which stretch back to 1968 and his early work with his Washington, D.C.-area band Grin (Keith Don't Go w/Neil Young below). It also includes material from both his major-label solo albums and independent self-released music. Two of the CDs contain 40 previously unreleased tracks and rarities. The 136-page booklet contains track-by-track commentary from Lofgren, as well as commentary on his tours with the likes of Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen, and Ringo Starr. source

Rolling Stone interview

Huffington Post video interview

official website

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