Saturday, January 18, 2014

North American Conference On Video Game Music

Even for your average gamer, the music from classic games like Super Mario Bros. or Halo can trigger nostalgic reveries, conjuring memories of endless hours spent fighting to save Princess Toadstool or decimating alien hordes. But those songs elicit far more complicated reactions from a small but growing band of scholars who specialize in videogame music. When these so-called ludomusicologists hear selections from the sonic oeuvres of Nintendo or Bungie, they detect strains of creative genius on a par with Tchaikovsky’s allegros. And they’re on a mission to ensure that videogame music is accorded the same respect as Hollywood film scores, which are now much studied by academics.

The ludomusicological movement reaches an important milestone today (Saturday January 18, 2014), with the start of North America’s first academic conference devoted exclusively to the analysis of videogame music. The two-day affair is being held at Youngstown State University. MORE HERE

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