Saturday, January 18, 2014

Google's Music Timeline

Google unveiled a new way to look at the history of music on Thursday January 16, 2014: A Music Timeline.

Drawing on the songs that reside in the collections of millions of Google Play users, the company created a visualization of the popularity of various artists and genres from 1950 to today.

That time period captures the explosion of guitar-based music in the form of country and rock, and all their variants. It charts the rise of hip hop and the various resurgences of R&B. It even tries to parse the many sub-genres of rock with the kind of are-you-serious precision employed by teenage aficionados everywhere.

That is to say: in very, very broad strokes, one can see the largest movements of popular music in one interactive chart (or set of charts). The tool can also quickly chart the careers of individual artists with some accuracy. source

Check out the Google Music Timeline HERE

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