Monday, November 25, 2013

Four From Bowie's Extra

David Bowie is no stranger to songs about space, drugs or spooky girls – but he tops himself with "Like a Rocket Man." It's one of the great bonus tracks added to the deluxe version of his latest album; it's a slinky guitar shuffle where he quotes Taxi Driver ("I'm God's lonely man") and chases a go-to girl named Little Wendy Cocaine.

Earlier we got a taste of David Bowie's "Atomica," a previously unreleased bonus track from his forthcoming The Next Day Extra, which of course expands his March (2013) surprise of an album The Next Day. While that snippet came along with a trailer showcasing the new-ish set's impressive packaging, we can now hear that song (Atomica) in full along with three other B-sides... "Like A Rocket Man" (above), "Born In A UFO" and "The Informer".

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