Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Beastie Boys Fight For Their Copyright

GoldieBlox is a company that sells toys. Their company has an ad department whose job it is to come up with ideas to promote their toys and sell them so they can make a profit. One idea their ad department had was to use the Beastie Boy song 'Girls' to promote their toys so that people would buy their toys and their company would make more money. So far, their viral video, that’s beloved by Mommy Bloggers everywhere, has gotten over eight million views.

But there’s problems in copyright infringement paradise:

When the toy company was contacted by the Beastie's, their inquiry was answered with by a lawsuit. Yeah, GoldieBlox is suing the Beastie Boys for use of their own song! MORE HERE & HERE

But the Beastie's don't give up that easy MORE HERE

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