Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Broken Circle Breakdown : Bluegrass In Belgium

Sweeping awards in categories at both the Tribeca and Berlin film festivals, "The Broken Circle Breakdown" is director Felix van Groeningen's fourth feature and won Best Screenplay and Best Actress at Tribeca after snagging the Audience Award from the Berlin International Film Festival.

"The Broken Circle Breakdown" is actually based on a play that lead actor, Johan Heldenbergh, wrote himself. The film follows the relationship of a tattoo artist and a bluegrass musician.

It is a Belgian film that examines the influence of American culture and politics on the rest of the world.

Original music for the film was composed by Bjorn Eriksson, but all the music in the band scenes is performed by the actors, a testament to the active Dutch and Belgian bluegrass scene. The Broken Circle Breakdown is in Dutch, with English sub-titles.

It has been quite popular in Europe, where it has been in theaters for some time. The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack has also sold well, as did a concert tour featuring the musicians in the movie. The film is currently being screened at select theaters in the US. MORE HERE & HERE

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