Saturday, May 31, 2014

Neil Young's Entire Letter Home

Over the last decade, Neil Young has presented an overwhelming volume of studio albums, concert films, archival live recordings, free-form improvised guitar excursions, charity fundraisers, books, rants against modern sound-compression technology, boxed sets and Kickstarter campaigns for high-quality digital audio players. His creative spigot never seems to close.

In the 50 years since he released his first recordings, though, Young, 68, hasn't until now sat himself down in a 1940s-era Voice-o-Graph recording booth in front of a single microphone and, with the help of Jack White in his Nashville studio and "ancient electro mechanical technology," recorded a dozen favorite songs using a similar method as did early artists nearly a century ago. The album is entitled A Letter Home and was released May 27, 2014. Listen to it below (we're guessing for a limited time). MORE HERE

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Neil Young - A Letter Home by musicasparaouvir on Grooveshark

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