Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Pretty Paper Covered By Kris Kristofferson

Music lovers (and especially country music lovers) received an early Christmas treat in the form of the new holiday movie Angels Sing, which went into limited release last month (November 2013) and wowed with a fantastic cast including Harry Connick Jr., "Nashville's" Connie Britton, Lyle Lovett, and not one but two country legends: Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.

Of course, a film containing so many musical powerhouses wouldn't be complete without the actors providing a great soundtrack; and Kristofferson rises to the occasion here by covering Nelson's Christmas classic "Pretty Paper" (which was also a hit for Roy Orbison in the '60s). In this exclusive clip, the film's cast and Kristofferson himself discuss the song, the feeling and emotion behind it, and what it means to take on Nelson's moving holiday tune this season.

The Angels Sing Soundtrack to the film will be available December 17, 2013 but sadly does not seem to include this gem as the video suggests. source

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