Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Art Garfunkel of Wishful Thinking

Art Garfunkel (above right) is playing shows at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Friday and Saturday nights (March 8 & 9, 2014). On one of those nights - Friday (March 7, 2014), to be precise - Paul Simon (above left), whose surname is forever hitched to Garfunkel's by an unspoken ampersand, is also in town, playing the Wells Fargo Center on his tour with Sting (above center).

So . . . ?

"Will I be at Paul's show Friday night?" Garfunkel said. "No, I'm doing my show. I'll be busy working."

That Garfunkel is working at all is significant news, given that he was forced to retire from singing for several years due to vocal-cord paresis, which left him able to sing but without the precision and the strength he'd been honing since he first heard his voice bouncing off the tiles in the hallway of his elementary school. MORE HERE & HERE

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