Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sunshine Daydream: Grateful Dead Veneta '72 DVD

Call it what you want: The Last Acid Test; The Field Trip; The Springfield Creamery Benefit; or perhaps simply 8/27/72.

Even the most casual of Deadheads are at least aware of the facts: the Grateful Dead played an outdoor concert in Veneta, OR that day, immersed in record-breaking heat. The show was a benefit to help keep Springfield Creamery going – a local business owned and operated by Ken Kesey’s brother Chuck.

Where the facts have morphed into legend over the years is the claim that this is – if not in the band’s history, then at least for that time period – THE SHOW. The Holy Grail.

Fortunately, The Field Trip needs to be a myth no longer: Rhino Entertainment has released Sunshine Daydream , a 3-CD/DVD collection that documents that day. The music itself is amazing, captured on 16-track analog tapes and stored lovingly in the Dead vaults all these years. It’s the filmed account of 8/27/72 (and the events that led up to it), however, that provides the proof that what happened in that field on that scorching-hot afternoon is worthy of four decades’-worth of buzz. There are many great films that document the Grateful Dead’s history; none capture the essence of the Grateful Dead family quite the way that Sunshine Daydream has. MORE HERE & HERE

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