Saturday, October 12, 2013

Inspired By The Lone Ranger

There is always a danger when it comes to film soundtracks that what stirs your musical juices on screen turns out to be a disappointment back home - a few good songs, mixed with some pablum and the odd forgettable orchestral bit.

So thanks to Disney for getting around the problem with a "film" album that has the makings of an Americana classic.

"The Lone Ranger: Wanted" is not the soundtrack to the Johnny Depp film.

It is an album of songs inspired by the film, featuring 14 artists including Lucinda Williams, Iggy Pop (!), Ben Kweller and Dave Alvin.

The result is a delicious mix that fits somewhere between the "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" soundtrack and Bob Dylan's Western soundtrack "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid". It almost makes me want to get in the car for a journey, just to head on down the road listening to it. source

The album was released back in July (2013) to coincide with the film release ...we didn't pay attention because the film was such a tremendous flop ...but this record is great!

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