Sunday, April 28, 2013

For The Benefits of Mr. Willie Nelson

America loves its outlaws, and few are as admired and lionized as Willie Nelson.

As the enduring American icon's 80th birthday has approached, he's been honored with lifetime achievement awards, serenaded at special performances and saluted by musicians from every genre of music. And Nelson has taken it all in with a bemused smile. Interview HERE

Willie recently released his 67th studio album, Let’s Face the Music and Dance, in a recording career that spans 51 years in accordance with his utterly prolific artistic nature. At an age when most singers, songwriters and musicians have eons ago stopped recording new music, and some have altogether retired, Willie keeps going. This is his fourth album since 2010.

Nobody had to ask Willie to turn tonight’s concert (Sunday April 28, 2013) at the New Backyard in Bee Cave, Texas, into a benefit for the West Volunteer Fire Department. Willie declared it so last week after the fertilizer plant explosion that crippled the town near Waco. Whenever his home state is in peril, Willie is there to do what he does best — play music for a good cause. West is personal to him. It is roughly six miles from his hometown of Abbott.

Willie has a huge heart. He’s raised money and awareness for farmers via his Farm Aid charity concerts, for animal rights, for the LGBT movement, for victims of the 9/11 attacks, for the environment and a myriad of other organizations. That he would extend his graciousness to West is a given. MORE HERE

The performance will be broadcast LIVE on Willie's Roadhouse - SiriusXM channel 56 TONIGHT 9 pm EDT

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