Thursday, June 27, 2013

Motorhead Cancels Shows Due To Lemmy Illness

Motorhead has nixed a handful of live shows after the British heavy metal band’s iconic frontman Lemmy Kilmister suffered a hematoma.

Word of Lemmy’s latest ailment came from Barley Arts Promotion, the promoter behind the scheduled -- and subsequently canceled -- June 25, 2013 show in Milan, Italy.

The group’s June 21, 2013 See-Rock Festival in Graz, Austria was also canned.

Although the group’s official website hasn’t confirmed Lemmy’s hematoma -- a mass of blood localized collected outside the blood vessels -- the Motorhead homepage is circulating reports which confirm his ailment.

The rocker was recently fitted with a implantable defibrillator to correct an irregular heartbeat.


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