Thursday, August 29, 2013

Linda Ronstadt On Her Memoir and Parkinson’s

Linda Ronstadt settled into a chair, rested her white high-top sneakers on an ottoman and discussed her new book, “Simple Dreams: A Musical Memoir ,” which is being published this month and the recent revelations of her recent Parkinson's disease diagnosis which has squelched her beautiful voice. MORE HERE

1 comment:

  1. The outpouring of sadness for Linda has really been remarkable. Certainly a singing voice of such beauty, clarity, and heartbreak is lost - that is bad enough. But something else about her - the memory of those huge warm eyes and the magazine covers and the album covers , waiting online at 2am at Radio City Music Hall for first row tickets at 17 years old just makes so many of us in that big middle of the baby boom feel their hearts breaking. Never stopped listening to her even on some odd musical journeys. Going to blast Hasten Down the Wind and think of some old loves. Ronstadt always made saddness and longing something special.


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