Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Release The Blunderbuss

For the past decade, Jack White has established an undeniably thrilling brand, one which has hit many a watermark and attracted one of the industry’s most dedicated followings. For the past three years, Third Man Records — the physical shoppe, venue, and headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee — has hosted a variety of events, all cloaked in that White-endorsed mystery that makes it so alluring.

Following The Raconteurs’ Consolers of the Lonely in 2008, White has remained behind the scenes, even throughout the two LPs for The Dead Weather. Instead, he’s become a figurehead, something bigger than a musician, and his music now has taken on its own mythos, something even deeper than the mercurial days of Jack and Meg. So, with today's (April 24, 2012) release of his first solo effort Blunderbuss, there’s that to keep in mind. MORE HERE

Album available HERE

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