Friday, February 10, 2012

Mary Ford's Gibson SG

The Les Paul Gibson Guitar (shown) was featured in an episode of History Channel's 'Pawn Stars' where it was bought by Rick Harrison for $90k.

Shortly after the episode airing the purchase from Mary Fords nephew, the Guitar appeared on eBay where it sold for $110,000.

The Guitar, a 1961 Gibson 'SG', was owned by Les Paul’s wife Mary Ford, and was sold with a number of personal items. MORE HERE

It's difficult to tell if the SG on the album cover above is the same guitar, but its close enough to be a possibility.


  1. This has been big news at all the forums I frequent, but I've never seen that picture with her actually holding her Gibson SG. Thanks for posting!

  2. In 1961, that guitar was labeled and marketed as a Les Paul, and production on the original (and much heavier) design was halted until 1968. It was not labeled an SG until 1964.

    In 1961, Gibson upset Les Paul by dropping his Les Paul design to create the redesigned "Les Paul" without telling him. He protested, and Gibson relented, tagging the Guitar as the SG in late 1963, after they ran out of the Les Paul nut covers, and when Les Paul's contract with Gibson ended.

    Here is that album cover in a big file. You can clearly see it labeled Les Paul on the head stock. The other photo you have is an SG, with different


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