Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Bitch Is Backbiting


Gossip isn't something SHV strives for but this catfighting is fuuny...

There was plenty of drama at the post-awards parties for the Golden Globes. While Madonna publicly laughed it off, it’s clear Elton John and his spouse David Furnish were furious about the Material Mom beating out Sir Elton for best film song on Sunday (January 15, 2012).

Furnish posted an angry note on Facebook (“Madonna. Best Song? Fuck off!”) and the two men continued to harp at post-Globes parties about both the award and Madonna’s acceptance speech. MORE HERE

Elton started the whole thing before the show began...see HERE  Madonna doesn't feel bad...see HERE Seems Mr. John has been on Ms. Madge for a while...see HERE

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