Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mickey Hart Plays The Golden Gate Bridge


Grateful Dead percussionist Mickey Hart plans to bring the sounds of the Golden Gate Bridge to life on May 27, 2012 as part of the bridge's 75th anniversary celebration. While the Golden Gate Bridge is not exactly a playable instrument, Hart maintains that it's actually a giant wind-harp. "The Golden Gate Bridge vibrates from its toes (earth, water) to its thighs (pillars of cement and steel), to its torso and crown (air, sky)," said Hart, in a press release for the event. "We have created a musical soundscape based on the real sounds of the bridge." MORE HERE


  1. That is an elegant chain-link fence.

  2. Hey, Mick
    Have a great day tomorrow and bridge that gap. You're a remarkable musician and I honor your enthusiasm and share your fascination and love of our Golden Gate Bridge.


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